About Woof

More than 35 years experience serving the Sutherland Shire of Sydney.

Woof the Original focuses on animal welfare, customer satisfaction and best practices to ensure its clients are confident in dealing with fully trained and experienced staff.

At Woof the Original the aim is to develop a life-long relationship with you and your pet by providing a friendly, professional and compassionate service. We take a genuine interest in the general health of animals and will report any concerns to the owners.

The staff at Woof the Original are under Britney’s expert tuition and supervision they provide a consistent high level of service the clients have come to expect in meeting their individual and their dog’s needs.

Woof the Original operates from Sylvania in Sydney’s South but clients come from all over the Sydney metropolitan area to experience the high quality and professional service offered by Britney and her staff.

Woof the Original operates to the highest standards set by the PIAA and is fully compliant with all insurance requirements and has access to professional service providers in the pet care industry.