Grooming Services

  • Creative Grooming by Award Winning Master Groomer Prue Hammond

    Duration varies • Price varies

    From permanent/ semi, coloured pet hair chalk, stenciled ink designs, glitter gel/bling and soooooo much more. Why not add some colour that is 100% safe for your pet next appointment.

    Just ask for Prue to discuss

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  • Teeth Cleaning

    5 minutes • Add on $5

    Why not complete your pets pampering treatment at Woof the original with teeth cleaning. This service includes gentle brushing of the teeth and gums with a dog friendly toothpaste and finished with fresh minty gel, perfect for all those licks and kisses after.

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  • VIP Spa Treatments/ Aromatherapy / Relaxing

    1 hour • Add on service

    We offer a variety of Relaxing Spa Treatments including Aromatherapy salt baths,  Pawdicure’s/ for dry and cracked paws. Our most popular is our Melanie Newman Charcoal Purifying treatment please ask our friendly staff about this pampering service today!

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  • Splash & Dash

    30 minutes • From $20

    This service is Perfect for those warm summer days.  Includes a warm bubble bath, conditioning treatment, nails, towel dry, cologne all ready for a run in the sun to dry!

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  • Puppy’s First Gentle Pamper Treatment

    2 hours • From $60

    Puppy’s first grooming experience should be enjoyable, pleasant with lots of cuddles and kisses!! At Woof the original we do a gentle warm bubble bath, basic tidy up that includes hand blow dried, face/feet scissored, nails/ears, sanitary area and cologne

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  • Bubble Bath & Tidy Up

    2 hours and 30 minutes • From $60

    This is a great Pampering service to keep your pet looking and feeling good!! Includes Warm bubble bath, conditioning treatment, ears, nails, hand blow dry, face/feet scissored, sanitary area clipped, finished with a bow/bow tie and cologne.

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  • Full Body Clip & Bubble Bath

    4 hours • From $85

    Includes a warm bubble bath /conditioning treatment , hand blow dried , nails , ears plucked , sanitary area clipped , full body clip with different length blades depending on coat condition and request , styled head ,finished with a bow / bow tie and cologne.

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  • Breed Specific Style Haircuts

    4 hours • Starting from $110 (small breeds)

    Warm bubble bath , conditioning treatment, hand blow dried, nails, ears plucked . Your pet will be finished reflecting breed specific grooming / hand scissored to detail. Woof The Original specializes in all breed grooming by Certified Master Groomer Prue

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  • Wash & Blow Dry

    1 hour • From $40 small dogs (larger breeds more)

    Includes a nice relaxing bubble bath, conditioning treatment , blow dry/brush, nails and finished with cologne, bow or bow tie. This service is great to keep your pooch matt free and smelling for lots of licks and cuddles

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  • Add Ons

    Nail Grinding - $10

    Nails Painted - $8

    Blue Berry Facial - $5

    Anal Glands - $10

    Flea Treatments - From $15

    Teeth Cleaning - $5

    Deep Conditioning Treatments - $10

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