About Prue

Prue Hammond

Prue is a Certified Master Groomer, the only Certified Master Groomer in the St George and Sutherland Shire districts.

Prue has over 35 years of experience in dog grooming and as a professional pet stylist. Prue is a member of the Pet Industry Association of Australia Pets Australia and has been involved in clipping and grooming dogs for international show standards in Australia.

Prue started her career working in her mother’s salon where she learned her trade from a very young age. With a blow dryer in her hand and brush in the other she assisted her mother and it was not long before she developed a talent to handle large dogs like a true professional

Prue developed a natural flair & talent in dealing with animals from a very young age, dogs in particular. As a little girl her best friends were three Afghan’s a long haired cat and a cocky that followed her everywhere.

Prue’s work is a reflection of her love for animals, she is a master when it comes to scissoring & is second to none; this is her area of expertise, she uses the dog as her canvas, her scissors and a brush and then the creative work begins!

Prue is the proud owner of her own Salon, which she has designed around the much loved pets needs and comforts with state of the art equipment, tools and surroundings.

She works with a great passion; animals in her care are looked after like they were her own.

In using safe work practices in the salon.
In using grooming implements and equipment in a safe manner.


Prue the Teacher

Prue frequently conducts a series of demonstrations and workshops to ensure her clients have the fundamental tools to look after their pets grooming needs in between their appointments at the salon.


Prue the Award Winning international certified master Groomer

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2012 Sydney Royal -

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Other fun facts about Woof The Original

Code of Ethics

As a full member of the PIAA and Certified Master Groomer, Woof the Original and its staff are committed to the stringent Code of Ethics.

Exhibiting proper professional attitude and demeanor at all times.
Striving to gain respect for the industry b promoting professionalism in the field of pet
grooming and animal welfare.

Always on trend

Staying current with industry trends and continuing to improve capabilities as professional pet groomers
Treating all animals entrusted in its care and place their welfare above all else. Being honest, fair and responsible in all business transactions.
Encouraging responsible pet ownership and promoting the importance of professional pet care.